Monday, September 17, 2012

Art and about

Things are really gearing up for the Culture at Work contribution to the City of Sydney's Art and About month, which launches on Friday. Accelerator Gallery will be open from 11 am to 5 pm every day, with displays visibile from the street and rear courtyard in the evenings. Please come and check out work by Fiona Davies, Sherryl Ryan and me.

Getting ready for this exhibition, I took the opportunity to visit Dr Adam Hamlin in his new lab at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga. It's a pretty surprising university campus, out in the middle of the state, with kangaroos hopping across roads and pathways. Dr Hamlin's lab is currently located in the Dentistry building, an award-winning architectural design that looks like nothing less than a shearing shed in a bush paddock.
Of course, as soon as you step inside you're suddenly in a hi-tech world, with spacious teaching and research labs and lots of natural light flooding through glass windows. Adam's lab is at the end of a bridge that crosses over the lower level in a glass atrium, and we had to take all the usual precautions: gowning up, washing hands and wearing safe boots and glasses. On the day I visited, Adam was preparing microscope slides of thinly sliced mouse brains using 100% ethanol and something called xylene that is highly flammable and corrosive.
The view outside, however, is amazing.

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