Thursday, August 5, 2010

Addiction part two

Dr Adam Hamlin's image of cocaine addiction in a rat's brain inspired me to search out the vibrant beads I'm using for my latest embroidery work. The selection of beads in three basic colour ways (green, red and orange) comprises bugle beads, seed beads, larger round beads and the occasional faceted bead, in clear, translucent, opalescent and opaque finishes. I've jumbled them all together and am choosing the beads at random to stitch onto the fabric. More pics soon!

Comments about my addiction (to beads, threads and fabric rather than cocaine) will be accepted with as much grace as I can muster.


  1. I am similarly addicted. At least beads are relatively healthy (besides the slight risk to eyesight and posture)and wonderful things can come of said addiction.

  2. Virginia, I am about to post pictures of the wonderful thing that I made with these beads! And I've got lots left over, to add to the rest of my bead stash.