Sunday, May 9, 2010

Axonal connections

The colourful work Axonal connections was very popular with viewers at the Tuesday Talk. Based on an MRI image by Randal Moldrich at Queensland Brain Institute, it is a visual representation in French knots of the lobes created by the computer, mapping activity in a mouse's brain. This embroidery is worked on black silk shantung in stranded embroidery cotton, using French knots and padded satin stitch. I used varying numbers of strands of thread and wraps around the needle to create French knots to represent the different-sized lobes in the original image, where larger lobes mean stronger connections.

Making the French knots is a repetitive process – the work took about 40 hours to complete, even though it is only about 12cm x 6cm – and allowed lots of time for meditation. And, of course, listening to the Skeptic Zone podcast, this week featuring an interview with Adam and me.

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